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About the Show

The streets of Ann Arbor have shaped fascinating, engaging, and unbelievable true stories and this podcast is Rishi's attempt to capture and catalog some of the stories that have sprung from this one of a kind college town. 

Each episode is structured around a specific story that covers topics like growing up, coming of age, getting into trouble, and getting in way too deep to paint a portrait of the Ann Arbor experience. And while each story will differ, there will also be a compelling person at the center who lived the story to tell it - ranging from the

well-known entrepreneur or athlete or your neighbor across the street.

While these stories center on our small corner of the world here in Ann Arbor, they are stories that celebrate what it means to be human. Hopefully, they are the stories you will enjoy listening to. But more so, I hope they are the stories you will want

to tell over and over again.


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Behind the Mic

Rishi Narayan

Show Host

Rishi is a UM alum, entrepreneur, angel investor, startup mentor, and lecturer. This podcast combines his love of three things: great stories, the University of Michigan, and Ann Arbor. 


With his childhood friend, Ryan Gregg, Rishi co-founded a custom apparel company, Underground Printing, in his West Quad dorm room back in 2001. Fast-forward to 2006 when they opened their very first store on, where else, South U. And though their business has grown with locations throughout the country, his story will always be tied to that first store located on UofM's main drag. Hence the name of the podcast: South U Stories.

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"The best stories are the ones you can't wait to retell."

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